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Document Management

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In A Nutshell

Document management controls the life cycle of documents in your organization. A solid plan controls how documents are created, reviewed, published, captured, delivered, preserved or destroyed. The plan must also account for defining how different users, groups, and/or roles may interact with those documents. The system should also allow quick and easy ways to find and share information. Most importantly, the document management workflow must be smooth and conducive to your organizations way of doing business, otherwise, the system may hinder productivity.

Here at AMI we have years of experience building document management solutions for organizations of many sizes. Browse the case studies below and learn the fundamentals of document management. Contact us today to start a dialogue with one of our helpful, experienced technicians.


Case Studies

State of Alaska: Department of Vital Statistics

The State of Alaska's Bureau of Vital Statistics had approximately 1 million records in paper form that included birth, death, marriage, and divorce records. To put it mildly, searching and organizing was a bit challenging. Applied Microsystems was called upon to design and execute a plan for capturing the paper documents as searchable electronic records. We forged the plan, took our equipment to Juneau Alaska and got to work. Now the State of Alaska has access to a fully searchable electronic repository. Learn more.


AMI Document Management: From A to Z

Methods Description
Capture Digitizing the paper. We use cutting-edge scanning and character-recognition technologies such as those revolutionized by Kofax and ABBYY. Our document scanning facility is ready to process your paper repositories.
Store We can help your organization choose and setup its own data storage equipment or it can take advantage of our secure, monitored, in-house storage facilities.
Manage What are the tools and techniques for moving content around an organization and how can we track performance? AMI can help you choose from web content management, records management, workflow/business process management, and document management. Achieve accountability and efficiency!
Preserve When it comes to long-term preservation of data your organization must choose which data is essential and what is not. With our long-term storage expertise we offer valuable services for helping you choose and implement the proper technologies.
Deliver The data has been captured, managed, and stored. Now AMI can help unleash the true power of Document Management by creating custom desktop and/or browser-based applications that allow users to access data based on your customized assigned roles.

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